Sedalia SDA Church School

Home & School

What is the Home & School Association?

Adventist Church Schools have been established under the direction of God. 
It has always been God’s Purpose to educate His children in a climate consistent 
with His will (healthful living, civic order, social justice, purposeful work, and a 
deeper meaning of God’s divine character.) This continues to be the mission of this 
But, even loving Christian teachers cannot do all the work alone. The most 
effective education will take place when teachers, parents, and church members 
work together to provide an environment where children can learn and grow. 
The Home & School Association was formed to facilitate this.

Home & School allows for parents and families to support the students of our 
church school in many different ways.  Go to our
calendar to see what programs and 
events are scheduled. 

Christine Armantrout is our Home and School leader.